Food & Beverage

Take a break from the water rides at one of our many concession locations offering a variety of full meal, savory treat, or convenient snack options. Whether it's a juicy Hamburger, an all-beef hot dog, or a chilly serving of Ice Cream to cool you down, you'll find exactly what you are looking for… all here, inside the park!

Frozen Treats

Cool off with your choice of packaged treats like Sponge Bob pops, Ben and Jerry's Slices, Choco Taco, Giant King Cone, Snickers ice cream bar, Magnum, or your favorite Klondike bar. The perfect treat for a hot summer day!

Coastal Grill

An all-American menu of burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches,hot dogs, or veggie burgers. Or natural chicken tenders, fries, onion rings, freshly made kettle chips and snacks.
GUEST FAVORITE: Try the Surf Side Fries, a heap of crispy fries smothered in cheese and topped with bacon!

Island Eats

An all-American menu of burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, all beef hot dogs, or veggie burgers; each available with our freshly made kettle chips. Choices also include fries, onion rings and a variety of snacks.

Adventure Pizzeria

Grab some pizza – whole or by the slice. Iced Coffee, healthy snacks, vegetarian and Gluten free options, and more! Grab-n-go items like fresh salads, sandwiches, and wraps. Plus a Smoothie Express Window serving freshly made Island Oasis smoothies!

Fried Dough

A signature park treat! Delicious hand stretched Fried Dough topped with Cinnamon and Sugar or top it a-la-mode with chocolate sauce and whip cream! Fried Dough is available at the Coastal Grill or Totally Fried stand.

Adventure Popcorn

Features traditional and novelty flavored popcorn. Also available at this stand are a variety of packaged novelty ice creams (like the Giant King Cone and Spongebob Popsicles) as well as bottled beverages, packaged candy, and Totally Bananas frozen treats!

Dippin' Dots

The ice cream of the future is a favorite treat for young and old alike. Dippin' Dots are available in a variety of flavors at stands located by the main entrance of the park and near the base of The Patriot. You won't want to miss this cool treat!

Riverside Treats

Scrumptious California Churros dusted in cinnamon and sugar! These treats will satisfy your craving for a sweet snack. Also serving Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade, soft pretzels, and ice cold drinks.